Since 2006, Kinga Micaci has been creating nails with a passion for design and beautiful nails.

She has attended talented educators' classes such as:

  • Olga Palylyk's Advanced Art Class in Saskatoon
  • Lana Gavric's Nail Art class in Edmonton
  • Workshop in Budapest, Hungary
  • High Road to Education in Edmonton, AB hosted by Tammy Ferrera Warner, Carla Collier, Jaime Schrabeck and Sandy Combs
  • Carla Collier (NailPro Magazine's judge for competitions) and Jaime Schrabeck's Salon Style Competition Training workshop.
  • Pauline Feinauer's two day Advanced Workshop in Las Vegas
  • Anna Neroznak's two day Watercolor Hand Painting Workshop
  • Alexander Stepanov's 22 Levels of One Stroke Online Training
  • Gel Painting Workshops with Olesja Nikolenko
  •  Training and certification as a Mosaic Educator with Olesja Nikolenko, owner and creator of Mosaic Nail System
  • Six days intense training with World Champion Emese Koppányi of Hungary in Sculpting with Acrylics
  • Advanced Gel Painting with Olesja Nikolenko
  • Salon Style Extreme Shapes Sculpting Workshop with Olesja Nikolenko
  • Two days training in Perfection Nail Design and Stiletto Shape with Pauline Feinauer in Los Angeles, CA