Helpful Tips

  1. Schoon Scientific helpful resources. Click here for more information
  2. When applying gel onto the nails, always pick up more gel onto your brush than the nail needs. The extra product will stay on your brush when you remove it from the nail as you finish your balancing and the rest will settle quickly into place. If you try to work with ‘just the right amount’ it will take you twice as long and you will get more air bubbles and your nails won't be nice and level.
  3. Shape with your brush and you will have much less to shape with your file later.
  4. Pinch for a nicer, stronger structured nail.
  5. Educating your clients during service is just as important as sculpting a nice set of nails for them.
  6. Create a warm, friendly, inviting work environment; first impression is the start to return business and you'll love spending your day at work.
  7. "With practice comes perfection, with perfection comes self-confidence." K.M.