Nails 101 Training Program

Nails 101 Training Program is a private 29.5 hour Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission Accredited Program. You will be trained privately by Kinga, Certified Journeyperson Educator.
For the list of Accredited Technical Training Providers in Saskatchewan visit:
Written exam requires 80% to pass and you will have three hours to finish a set of (french) gel nails on your model. When finished, there will be an evaluation on your work, 70% is required for your Practical Exam and based on your exam results, you will receive your Certificate or will be required more practice to re-do your exam(s).
Nails 101 courses are at students' requests, booked on a "First come, first serve basis", the goal is to find the time that works for you as becoming a Certified Nail Technician might be a side job idea while you raise your children or work another job before it becomes your full-time passion.

In this program you will learn:
About all the tools and implements you will be using as a Nail Technician
  • Nail Anatomy
  • Sanitation
  • Gel products
  • Product application
  • Special techniques
  • Client consultation
  • How to build your new business
....and much much more !
For further details on Nails101 Classes and to book your complimentary consultation, please inquire:Here 

Looking forward to working with you!