Amanda Rathgeber


I first met Kinga, years ago referred by a close friend to start seeing her nails! I was so happy and satisfied with her work that I continued seeing her to get my nails done on a regular basis. I wanted so much to keep a spot with her that when I moved to Fort McMurray Alberta from Saskatoon, I would fly home or drive the 12 hours to get my appointment, which was great that even at last minute she always fit me in! I started to become great friends with Kinga because of her great positive attitude towards everything and she is personable with everyone that you just want to be around her! Later on I wanted to find something for work that I could do from home and that I was interested and passionate about and I asked her if she could teach me how to be an artist and sculpt gel nails! October of 2011 I started my Nails 101 class! It was harder then I thought, but she kept me motivated to keep practicing and it would come! I found the class packed with so much info and great techniques I really felt like I learned a lot and this made me really confident in myself. Another great thing about being her student is that I never stop learning, Kinga always fills me in about new products, new techniques, things that she has learned and is always there when I have questions about anything! It's now January 2012, my nail business is great, I'm booked solid and am getting positive feedback from all of my clients! I still see Kinga to get my nails done. I love when people say "who does your nails? Where did you get those done!!!!" Kinga...... Amazing teacher ..... Amazing nail artist ......... Amazing friend!

Amber Hoffman Friesen


Kinga is an Amazing person with a passion for nails and art she can do incredible work! I took an advanced nail art class with her and LOVED it, cant wait for the next class to come!

Shelley Bettig -Saskatoon


I attended Kinga's Gel painting - level II Workshop in February/2013. Class was great fun, thorough and informative. I loved that the class was small, we each had one on one time to learn technique with each design. It was great working with Kinga and sharing with the the other nail artists. I am definitely interested in attending any future workshops Kinga will teach. Special thank you for all her help and hope to see her soon in upcoming workshops!



I recently (April/2015) graduated the Nails 101 training program.  I didn’t know Kinga previous to my training, I just happened to find her on the internet.    After day one, I knew I had made an awesome choice!  Kinga is so personable, professional and easy to talk to.  I felt comfortable right away.  Her talent is through the roof and her knowledge continues to impress me.   Through the training course, she ensured me to text, call or email if I had any questions.  I had many and she always responded quickly, which made me feel like she truly cared and was genuinely interested in helping me.  I appreciated that soo much.  She made me feel like a friend and not a student.

Now that the course is completed, I have confidence in what I am doing.  I also know she is there to help in any way which is huge for me!!   Her passion for nails is infectious and I look forward to continuing my education and future classes with her! , this is only the beginning for me!

Thanks again Kinga, I am truly grateful for you.  You are an amazing instructor and an inspiration to me and many others.   

Debbie White


I first met Kinga in a gel art class in Edmonton a few years ago. She was very kind and easy to get to know. I have always admired her work and thought about how wonderful it would be to take a class if she was to offer one. I was delighted when I was invited to Saskatoon in November 2011 to attend Kinga's first Advanced Nail Art Workshop. She was a gracious host, and I loved that it was a small class. Everyone was given special attention and lots of phrase and encouragement. In my opinion Kinga has a passion for nails and it shows in her is simply incredible.

Orsolya Csekme - Barrie, ON


I recently (February/2012) attended a 7 day intensive Nail Technician Course and Nail Art Workshop.The training exceeded all my expectations.From start to finish it was outstanding. The course was well structured so i learned level by level in a very pleasant way.There was much time to ask my questions and Kinga always gave a balanced answer. Kinga has such a passion and commitment to sharing all she had learned and the vast knowledge she holds. I would surely recommend Kinga's class to anyone who would like to become a nail technician. Thank you for giving me encouragement and offering this opportunity to me.

Candise Baranieski -Saskatoon


I attended Angel Nails101 Gel Nail Technician Training in April/2013. Kinga was by far the best educator anyone could ask for. She makes you feel so comfortable and gives you a fun environment to work in while drilling all the facts and pointers in your head. She gives you the confidence to know that you'll be able to do it and reminds you it takes time, patience and a lot of practice. Once you're done your Nails 101 class with Kinga, she never lets you go (which is a great feeling) She is there for any and all of your questions for the rest of your career. And heading into her art classes is something we all look forward to. She is the best mentor any of us could have!!!

Lucy Frank


I had never enjoyed a class more than Kinga's art class, her talent is an inspiration.

Jacky Swart - Radville


Kinga is an amazing person. Her troubleshooting course far exceeded my expectations. From when I first met her, she has been a great inspiration to me. She is very professional in what she does, yet has a very personal touch to it, and this is a very rare quality. She pays great attention to detail in everything she does. Kinga has a very special talent in the nail industry and I can without a doubt say, that she has made a huge impact on my business. Thank you for everything, you're the best.

Amanda Lynn Rathgeber,-Tisdale, SK


I trained with Kinga in April/2013. I had first heard about Kinga through a family member who had taken her Nails101 course. I was blown away by what she had learned and was able to do after a few months. I had been looking into taking a course myself closer to my hometown but every course I looked into was not offering training with an electric file. I finally contacted Kinga and decided the two hour drive for quality training would be well worth it. If you want to do the best, you need to be trained by the best! I was honestly shocked at how tricky it was in the beginning but with Kinga's encouragement, knowledge and overall friendly attitude I grew and became more confident with each class. Kinga puts you at ease and the one on one training is very helpful. She is able to teach correct technique, answer questions on the spot and offer encouragement you would not get in a larger classroom setting. She makes herself available for questions and gives helpful feedback. My clients leave my chair happy and it's all because of Kinga's demand for excellence!! Thank you so much for everything and I can't wait to further my skills with your help :)